Nonprofit helping provide free and low-cost legal services to poor clients wins Blum Center pitch event

May 2017

Esqalate, an Orange County nonprofit, won the third annual Designing Solutions for Poverty Pitch Event hosted by the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation. The nonprofit, founded by Chad Trainer, uses online services to connect experienced attorneys with the law school grads who can help them provide free and low cost legal services to poor people.

Older, denser neighborhoods offer better access to everyday destinations, MFI study finds

May 2017

Proximity of homes to restaurants and stores reduces traffic congestion, CO2 emissions

Residents of older, denser, lower-income neighborhoods and smaller, multifamily homes in Southern California can more easily access commonly frequented sites such as grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores and gas stations, according to a recent report from the University of California, Irvine.

Social media makes collaborative investigations possible

May 2017

Self-described internet investigators can collaborate far easier in the age of social media, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus Dan Stokols told the Baltimore Sun.

Internet sleuths uncovered information about a Maryland couple who posted videos of their children to their YouTube channel "DaddyOFive." Some people found the behavior in the videos abusive.

"The internet is a kind of mechanism of finding like-minded others and coordinating with them. ... So now people might react to something on DaddyOFive or some other channel, they can find other people who have similar views and they team up and get engaged with it and motivated and they make it kind of project," he said.