Teaching Plan as of 9/16/13

(Subject to revision at any time. Changes in italics)

Fall Winter Spring
PPD 4: Urban Studies PPD 4: Intro to Urban Studies E8: Environ Analysis
E 8: Intro to Env Analysis E8: Environ Analysis SE 13: Stats in SE
PPD100:Urban America SE 10: Res Design H20A-Hon:Crit Issues
PPD 100: Food and Eating PPD 101: Urbaniz and Soc Change PPD 100: Divided Cities
PPD 106: Tech and Econ Dev PPD 102: Urban Inequality PPD 103: Compar Urb in Dev Cntr
PPD 108: Cities& Transport PPD 112: Fdn Comm Hlth PPD 105: CA's Popn Lecture
PPD 155: Urban Design Principles PPD 113: Poverty in Developing Countries PPD 107: Intro to Plng
PPD 169: Public Policy Analysis PPD 131: Sustainability PPD 110: Urban Econ Dev Pol
SE 195A: Adv Fld Stdy PPD 139: Water Policy PPD 132: Sustainability II
SE 200: Sem in Social Ecology PPD 172: Latino Metropolis PPD 134: Human Ecology Cancelled
PPD 202: Planning History SE 195: Fld Stdy PPD 151: Envir Psych
PPD 209: Qual Research Meth SE 195B: ADv Fld Stdy PPD 156: Urban Design & Graphics Studio
PPD 214: MURP Stats PPD 204: Graphics SE 194W: Naturalistic Observ
PPD 221: Public Policy PPD 206: Micro-economics SE 195: Fld Study
PPD 231: Trans & Env Health PPD 212: Trans Plng SE 195C:Adv Fld Stdy
PPD 242: Regional Dev Theory PPD 223: Regional Analysis

PPD 203: Planning Theory

PPD 282: Urban Design Studio PPD 228: Demog Plan & Pol PPD 207: Dev Control Law
PPD  283: Collab Gov PPD 235: GIS &Plng PPD 215: Analytic Meth Plan
PPD 246: Housing PPD 239: Urban Design Theories & Apps
PPD 292: Professional Report PPD 275: Capstone Sem PPD 243: Fdn Comm Hlth

PPD 294A: Community Planning Practicum A

PPD 294B Community Planning Practicum B PPD 244 cancelled
    PPD 270: Env Ethics
    PPD 275: Qual Meth Policy
    PPD 275: Critical Urbanism
    PPD 275: Planning for Urban Health
    U 297: Research Design