Parking for PPD PR Day

The Social & Behavior Science Building, featured in a recent UCI Feature

The presentations will be held on the 3rd floor of the Social & Behavior Science Building, pictured above.

We recommend that you park in the Social Science Parking Structure (SSPS), which can be entered directly from the north edge of UCI at the intersection of Campus Drive and Stanford. 

See Campus Parking Locations to find SSPS

Or see a searchable and interactive map

  • To locate out parking structure, select Social Science Parking Structure
  • To locate the buidling for PR Day, select Social & Behavioral Sciences

Receiving a parking permit

Tell the attendant at the booth that you are attending the "Planning PR Day" and you will be issued a general  all day parking permit. With this permit, you may park in any unmarked spot. The presentation room is in the Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway building, which will be within sight across a grassy area on your right as you walk out of the parking garage on to campus.



The Community Practicum and the Professional Report


Community Practicum Professional Report
Instructor Bios   Susan Harden (2011-2013)Ken Chew
Preview Materials   

Winter 2013 Syllabus

Fall 2012 Syllabus

Prospectus/flyer 2011-12

2009-2010 Professional Reports

Water Use Efficiency Practices & Policies in Southern California
Student: Maha Darwish
Faculty Advisor: Professor David Feldman
Client:  Maya Dunne, Maya Dunne & Associates

Newport Bay Restoration Project
Student: Amy Volz
Faculty Advisor: Professor Bill Cooper
Client:  Garry Brown, Orange County Coastkeepers

How Green Roofs Can Benefit Los Angeles County
Student: Chris Lunghino
Faculty Advisor: Professor Richard Matthew
Client: Noah Garrison, Natural Resources Defense Council

Living Green
Student: John Lufkin
Faculty Advisor: Professor Victoria Basolo
Client: Suzy Kim & Kimberly Wong, Rosenow Spevacek Group

Alternative Construction Methods for Liberty, A Master Planned Community
Student: Jessica DeLora
Faculty Advisor: Professor Richard Matthew
Client: Nicole Carlsson, Templeton Planning Group

Strategies for communitarian economic development in Tzucacab, Yucatan

Student: Rosalinda Meza
Faculty Advisor: Professor Victoria Beard

How Green is Orange County?  Tracking Progress Towards Community Sustainability

Student: Jessica Debats
Faculty Advisor: Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores

2010-11 Professional Reports

Each year, UCI students in our MURP program conduct Professional Report projects as part of their graduation requirements. The Professional Report is an opportunity for students to spend approximately 6 months working on an independent, real world planning project.

Students work on a wide range of issues, including land use planning, urban design, environmental planning, community and economic development, housing, international planning, transportation planning, and others. Each student works with a faculty mentor and a professional client. The client provides real world expertise connected to the project. Students conduct the projects "pro bono"; there is no cost to clients for having students conduct a project for their firm or agency.

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