J.D./MURP Concurrent Degree

UCI MURP students have the option to enroll in the JD/MURP concurrent degree program, which allows students to obtain a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from UCI's School of Law, and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) degree from the Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy in the School of Social Ecology. This coordinated program provides students with an integrated, professional curriculum in law and urban and regional planning. The objective of the program is to permit students interested in urban issues, land use, housing, transportation, environmental, and/or social policy problems to obtain greater breadth in the legal and planning aspects of these problems than would otherwise be available in a single degree program.


New students (those not already enrolled in the Law School or the MURP program in UPPP) must apply and be admitted to both the Law School and the MURP program in order to take part in the concurrent program. Students who are already enrolled in the Law School or in the MURP program in UPPP and wish to enter the concurrent program must: be in good standing in their original program; meet the admission requirements of the second program; and be approved by the second program's admission committee. Students currently enrolled in the Law School may submit their LSAT scores to the MURP admissions committee in lieu of the GRE.

Program of Study

The JD/MURP concurrent degree requires a four-year course of study. During the first year, students follow the required Law School curriculum and attain a satisfactory GPA to continue in the concurrent program. Students take a total of 72 quarter units (credits) for the MURP portion of their concurrent degree, enrolling in the MURP program in their second year to take 36 quarter credit units toward the MURP degree. During the third and fourth years, students take the equivalent of 36 additional quarter units of credit to complete their MURP degree and the necessary course work to complete the J.D.

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Program Contacts

Urban Planning and Public Policy:

Jae Hong Kim, Associate Professor, MURP Program Director

Janet Gallagher, MURP Graduate Coordinator

Law School:

Shauhin Talesh, Assistant Professor, Director of Program in Law & Graduate Studies