Stokols honored with Society of Human Ecology book award

The Society for Human Ecology has honored Dan Stokols with its Gerald L. Young Distinguished Scholarly Book Award for his 2018 tome, “Social Ecology in the Digital Age: Solving Complex Problems in a Globalized World” (London: Academic Press).

Stokols is Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus and founding dean of UCI’s School of Social Ecology. The award was presented at the XXIII International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology in Lisbon, Portugal. His book, awarded for “exemplifying the highest standards of scholarly work in the field of human ecology,” is a comprehensive overview of social ecological theory, research, and practice. It offers a robust framework for transdisciplinary research and societal problem-solving.

“I am very grateful to have received the 2018 Gerald L. Young Distinguished Scholarly Book Award from the Society for Human Ecology,” Stokols said. “Professor Young’s pioneering scholarship created a strong foundation for integrating diverse strands of ecological research and translating core tenets of ecology into practical solutions for societal and global  problems. The ideas Young presented in his landmark text in 1974, ‘Human ecology as an interdisciplinary concept,’ are resonant with the research and teaching mission of UCI’s School of Social Ecology today.”

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