The latest research news and announcements from the Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy

Photo: Amritanshu Sikdar

“Too much water, too little water, unclean water and unmet demand for water: Managing the most elemental of resources will be one of the defining challenges of the coming decades.” Read the UCI News feature highlighting water-related research activities led by UPPP faculty members.

Luis Suarez-Villa, professor emeritus, UCI department of urban planning and public policy, was recently published in the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion section, with a letter to the editor headlined, “"Peter Navarro Misses a Few Trade Principles: Protective tariffs might work when a nation starts to industrialize, but they may be disastrous for an already industrialized country that is subject to rules embedded in a global trading system that can impose countermeasures."

A social ecological perspective can make a big difference in how water resources are managed, Dan Stokols, the founding dean of the School of Social Ecology, Chancellor's professor emeritus, and professor emeritus of urban planning and public policy, told The Confluence, a blog for the California Institute for Water Resources.