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Fall 2017

Winter 2018

Spring 2018

PP&D 4- Intro to Urban Studies

PP&D 4-Intro Urban Studies

PP&D 40- Urban Sociology

PP&D 100- Environment and Behavior

PP&D 100- Poverty & Inequality

PP&D 102- Urban Inequality

PP&D 104- Urban America

PP&D 100- Principles of Economics for Planning and Policy

PP&D 112- Public Health

PP&D 107- Urban and Regional Planning

PP&D 131- Sustainability I

PP&D 113- Poverty Dev Country

PP&D 108- Cities & Transprt

PP&D 139- Water Resource Policy

PP&D 132- Environmental Sustainability II

PP&D 145- Environmental Governance

PP&D 142- Environmental Hazzards

PP&D 151- Environmental Psychology

PP&D 152- Cultural Ecology and Environmental Design

PP&D 156- Urb Des & Graphic Studio

PP&D 153- Elements Env Design

PP&D 155- Urban Design Principle

PP&D 167- Public Policy and Management

PP&D 177-Chicano movement

PP&D 166- Urban Public Policy

PP&D 172- Latino Metropolis

PP&D 203- Theories of Planning

PP&D 202- History of Urban Planning

PP&D 178- Divided Cities

PP&D 204- Design and Planning Graphics

PP&D 207- Development Control Law

PP&D 206- MicroEcon Urb Plan

PP&D 215- Analys Methods Plan

PP&D 209- Qual Meth Overview

PP&D 212- Transportation Planning

PP&D 220- Qualitative Methods

PP&D 214- Quantitative Analysis for Planners

PP&D 221- Public Policy

PP&D 244- Land Use Policy

PP&D 235- GIS & Planning

PP&D 252 – Environ Law & Pol

PP&D 275 – MPP Capstone II

PP&D 239- Urban Design Thry& App

PP&D 275- Advanced Theory

PP&D 282- Urban Design Studio

PP&D 246- Housing Policy

PP&D 275- Environmental Planning & Management

PP&D 297- Research Design

PP&D 275- Local Immigration Policy

PP&D 278- Culture & Community Space

PubPol 225- Qualit Methods

PP&D 292- Professional Report

PP&D 283- Collaborative Governance and Public Management

SOCECOL E8- Enivorn Analysis & Design

PP&D 294A- UrbPlan Practicum I

PP&D 294B- UrbPlan Practicum II

SOCECOL 10 – Research Design

PubPol 215- Stats Mthds Pub Pol

SOCECOL 10- Research Design

SOCECOL 13- Stat Analysis

SOCECOL E8- Enivron Analys & Design

SOCECOL 74B- Moral Dev/Just Comm

SCOECOL 74C- Moral Dev/ Just Comm

SOCECOL 74A – Moral Dev/Just Comm

SOCECOL 100- Climate Solutions

SOCECOL 100- US Russian Relations

SOCECOL E127- Nuclear Environment

SOCECOL H 190W B- Honors

SOCECOL H 190W C- Honors

SOCECOL H190W A-Honors

SOCECOL 195- Field Study

SOCECOL 195- Field Study

SOCECOL 195- Field Study

SOCECOL 195w- Field Study Writing Seminar

SOCECOL 195w- Field Study Writing Seminar


SOCECOL 275- Econometrics for Public Policy