Financial Aid

Financial Assistance for UPPP Graduate Student Programs

The financial assistance for graduate students differs substantially when compared to the types of funding available to undergraduate students. Graduate student funding at UCI is usually of one or more of the following types:

  • Fellowships (Internal and Extramural Grants)
  • Federal and/or Private Loans
  • Teaching and Research Assistant Employment Opportunities

The Urban Planning and Public Policy department offers merit-based funding to both Ph.D. and master's students. Many Ph.D. students receive multi-year financial support packages at the time of admission. Ph.D. students are supported by departmental fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Master's students are eligible for departmental fellowships and for a limited number of research assistantships, and will be notified of their departmental funding offer at the time of admission. 

During the course of their program, all enrolled students are eligible to compete for performance and service awards and grants that become available from the department, school, and/or campus. For MURP students, planning-related practice internships are encouraged for career building. Students will have a variety of opportunities to network with potential employers who offer paid opportunities. The program also has a Summer Intern Fellowship for continuing students, which offers modest funding to support MURP students who undertake unpaid or low-paying summer internships to gain hands-on planning experience. 

In addition to departmental funding offers, the campus administers need-based financial support for graduate students. Information on these aid programs is available in the UCI General Catalogue. Forms and more detailed information are available on UCI's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website or by calling 949-824-8262.

"To be considered for federal loan programs, all domestic (e.g., non-foreign) graduate students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Similarly, if you are offered a UCI fellowship and you are a U.S. resident, you must complete a FAFSA prior to receiving any funding." For more details, review the Office of Financial Aid's Entering Graduate Students page.

International students are not eligible for federal funding, thus will not submit a FAFSA. However, international students are "eligible to receive university fellowship funding and/or employment as a teaching assistant or graduate student researcher, depending on the availability of funds and determination of the student's academic units." UCI Grad Division's Funding for International Students webpage for funding procedures and resources. 

Graduate students in Urban Planning and Public Policy are also highly competitive candidates for fellowships, scholarships, and awards from a variety of organizations and agencies, including, but not limited to, those show below. Click links for availability, eligibility, and application timelines:

Applying for external fellowships, scholarships, and awards is strongly encouraged as a means to meeting your educational and living expenses. Plan ahead, allow enough time to identify fellowship opportunities and to prepare application materials. The application itself is an important component of academic and professional development. The process of articulating your academic and professional goals will help you prepare your credentials for future endeavors.