Policy Specialization

A specialization in Policy in the Ph.D. program in PP&D would be based on meeting the following requirement in addition to requirements of the core PP&D Ph.D.:
Develop and fulfill a plan of coursework approved by a two-person committee (advisor, plus one departmental faculty member) that includes at least four courses in policy. In general, it is expected that students will take one course in theory related to Policy (in addition to the two theory courses required for the core PP&D Ph.D., which may also be Policy-related), one course in methods related to Policy (in addition to the methods courses required for the core PP&D Ph.D.) and two courses in a Policy topic.
Below is a list of courses currently taught in the department that may be considered for each of these categories in the policy specialization. Specific decisions about which courses are appropriate theory, method and topic courses must be made by the student and their faculty committee. We understand that given the breadth of this field, what is theory for some might count as method or topic for others.

PP&D 203 - Theoretical Foundations of Planning
PP&D 206 - Microeconomics for Policy Analysis
PP&D 221 - Public Policy
SE 261 - Theory Development
PP&D 270 - Environmental Ethics
PP&D 276 - Principles of Environmental Design
PP&D 279 - Power & Empowerment in Organizations
PP&D 283 - Collaborative Governance & Public Management
PP&D 209 - Qualitative Research Methods: Overview
PP&D 213 - Advanced Qualitative Methods: Qualitative Data
PP&D 220 - Qualitative Methods: Field Work & Data
PP&D 227 - Qualitative Methods: Case Study
PP&D 228 - Demographics for Planners
PP&D 237 - Introduction to GIS
PP&D 238 - Advanced GIS
PP&D 207 - Development Control Law and Policy
PP&D 212 - Transportation Planning
PP&D 224 - Environmental Politics and Policy
PP&D 231 - Transportation and Environmental Health
PP&D 239 - Urban Design Theories and Applications
PP&D 244 - Land Use Policy
PP&D 246 - Housing Policy
PP&D 252 - Environmental Law and Policy
PP&D 273 - Global Urbanization
PP&D 275 - Health Promotion and Policy
PP&D 276 - Principles of Environmental Design
PP&D 278 - Culture, Community & Space
Courses that are taught outside the department are also eligible for consideration.