Urban and Regional Planning Specialization

Prerequisites for the specialization
Students who do not have an undergraduate or graduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning (or its equivalent) will be required to complete three prerequisite courses before undertaking this specialization:
1) PP&D 202 - History of Urban Planning
2) PP&D 203 - Theories of Planning
3) One other substantive elective chosen in consultation with their advisor (e.g., land use, housing, transportation, regional development, etc.).
Requirements for the specialization
Students who have completed these three prerequisite courses and students entering with a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning (or its equivalent i.e. Master of Arts, City Planning) fulfill the requirements for the specialization in Urban and Regional Planning by taking the following course:
PP&D 293 - Research Practicum (4). Through reading, discussion, and review of existing research proposals, and implementation of preliminary work for dissertation research, students enhance their knowledge of research design and methods, as well as develop skills to write a proposal for dissertation funding. Prerequisite PP&D 297: Research Design or equivalent.
PP&D offers a range of planning and policy courses that could meet the needs for additional course work for the Urban and Regional Planning specialization as well as the required electives in the PP&D Ph.D. core program. Graduate courses currently taught in PP&D that may fulfill a student’s additional program needs include:

PP&D 206 - Microeconomics for Policy Analysis
PP&D 207 - Development Control Law and Policy
PP&D 209 - Qualitative Research Methods: Overview
PP&D 212 - Transportation Planning
PP&D 213 - Advanced Qualitative Methods: Qualitative Data
PP&D 220 - Qualitative Methods: Field Work & Data
PP&D 221 - Public Policy
PP&D 224 - Environmental Politics and Policy
PP&D 227 - Qualitative Methods: Case Study
PP&D 228 - Demographics for Planners
PP&D 231 - Transportation and Environmental Health
PP&D 239 - Urban Design Theories and Applications
PP&D 244 - Land Use Policy
PP&D 246 - Housing Policy
PP&D 252 - Environmental Law and Policy
PP&D 270 - Environmental Ethics
PP&D 275 - Health Promotion and Policy
PP&D 276 - Principles of Environmental Design
PP&D 278 - Culture, Community & Space
PP&D 279 - Theories of Power & Empowerment
PP&D 283 - Collaborative Governance & Public Management
Courses taught in other departments at UCI are also eligible for consideration.