2020-2021 Course Plan

This Course Plan is subject to change at any time.

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Fall Quarter 2020

Winter Quarter 2021 Spring Quarter 2021

UPPP 4 Introduction to Urban Studies

UPPP 4 Introduction to Urban Studies

UPPP 4 Introduction to Urban Studies

UPPP 8 Introduction to Environmental Analysis and Design

UPPP 8 Introduction to Environmental Analysis and Design

UPPP 5 Introduction to Urban Planning and Policy

UPPP 40 Urban Sociology

UPPP 100 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

UPPP 8 Introduction to Environmental Analysis and Design
UPPP 100 Gentrification

UPPP 101 History of Cities

UPPP 100 GIS Capstone/Spatial Analysis Project

UPPP 100 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

UPPP 102 Urban Inequality


UPPP 100 Global Metropolis UPPP 117 Environmental Justice

UPPP 104 Urban America

UPPP 107 Urban and Regional Planning UPPP 120 Introduction to GIS for Planning and Policy


UPPP 113 Poverty and Change in Developing Countries

UPPP 131 Environmental Sustainability I

UPPP 109 Housing and Urban Development Policy

UPPP 139 Water Resource Policy UPPP 167 Public Policy and Management

UPPP 115 Global Poverty and Inequality

UPPP 142 Environmental Hazards in an Urbanizing World

UPPP 178 Divided Cities

UPPP 133 Environmental Law and Policy

UPPP 145 Environmental Governance  

UPPP 155 Urban Design Principles

UPPP 146 Prinicples of Economics for Planning and Policy

UPPP 209 Qualitative Research Methods Overview 

UPPP 172 Latino Metropolis

UPPP 166 Urban Politics and Policy


UPPP 177 Chicano Movement


UPPP 214 Quantitative Analysis for Planners


UPPP 202 History of Urban Planning UPPP 221 Public Policy

UPPP 203 Theories of Planning

UPPP 204 Plan Development and Communication

UPPP 235 GIS Problem Solving in Planning

UPPP 206 Microeconomic Analysis for Urban Planning


UPPP 213 Advanced Qualitative Methods

UPPP 205 Environmental Economics and Policy

UPPP 275 MPP Capstone I

UPPP 215 Analytical Methods for Planners

UPPP 207 Land-Use Law

UPPP 275 Environmental and Racial Justice

UPPP 220 / Pub Pol 225 Qualitative Methods

UPPP 212 Transportation Planning and Policy

UPPP 275 Public Financing for Urban Planning

UPPP 231 Transportation and Environmental Health

UPPP 246 Housing Policy

UPPP 275 Site Development

UPPP 244 Land Use Policy

UPPP 273 Global Urbanization

UPPP 275 Sustainable Cities Planning

UPPP 275 Advanced GIS for Planners

UPPP 275 Public Participation

UPPP 294B Planning Practicum II

UPPP 275 Community Engagement

UPPP 283 Collaborative Governance and Public Management


UPPP 275 MPP Capstone II


UPPP 275 Site Design

UPPP 292 Professional Report SOCECOL 194W Naturalistic Field Research

UPPP 275 Causal Inference (MPP)

UPPP 294A Urban Planning Practicum I

SOCECOL 195 Field Study

SOCECOL 13 Statistical Analysis


SOCECOL 195W Field Study Writing Seminar

SOCECOL 195 Field Study

SOCECOL 10 Research Design

SOCECOL 275 Econometrics

SOCECOL 195W Field Study Writing Semina


PubPol 215 Statistics and Methods for Public Policy

PubPol 227 / Econ 275 Economics of Government

PubPol 225 / UPPP 220 Qualitative Methods
PubPol 219 Information and Public Policy

PubPol 240 / Econ 255 Microeconomics and Public Policy