Careers in Urban Studies

What can I do with an Urban Studies degree?
Urban Studies can be a solid foundation for employment in urban and regional planning, community development, environmental management, social welfare, or related fields; or preparation for graduate and professional training in planning, public policy, geography, law, political science, urban design, and many other disciplines.
Our Urban Studies program provides an opportunity for students to develop many transferable skills – analytical, organizational, leadership, and communication – that are essential for a broad range of career trajectories.  Internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs, and/or volunteer experiences are critical for gaining experience and developing a career path.  An undergraduate degree is sufficient for many entry-level positions in public and private sectors, while a graduate degree is likely to be more desirable in a competitive market.  Conduct informational interviews with professionals working in areas of your interest!
We are proud of our graduates playing an important role in changing the way our cities work – as professional planners, project coordinators, GIS specialists, urban design experts, transportation analysts, etc. 
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