Major Requirements

In addition to the standard UCI-wide requirements for bachelor's degrees, Urban Studies students take 12 courses (48 units) to satisfy the departmental requirements for the major, including three lower-division introductory courses, three upper-division core courses, and six additional upper-division electives. Urban Studies majors satisfy School of Social Ecology requirements through courses in areas of research design; criminology, law and society; statistical analysis; and psychology fundamentals. All undergraduate majors in the School of Social Ecology also complete a Field Study experience and concurrent course. 
To fulfill departmental requirements, you'll choose from among courses on topics such as:
  • Urban America
  • Cities and Transportation
  • Environmental Sustainabilty
  • Urban Public Policy
  • Environmental Analysis and Design
  • Urban Design and Graphics Studio
  • Urban Inquality
  • Poverty in Developing Countries
  • Urbanization and Social Change
  • Housing and Urban Development Policy
  • Water Resource Policy
  • Public Policy and Management
  • International Divided Cities
  • Latino Metropolis
  • Community Health
  • Environmental Psychology

To find out when certain courses will be offered, view the Urban Planning and Public Policy department's academic year course plans. 

2018-2019 Academic Year Departmental Course Plan

2017-2018 Academic Year Departmental Course Plan

For complete details of current university, school, and departmental requirements for the Urban Studies undergraduate major, visit the UCI General Catalogue, Urban Planning and Public Policy Undergraduate Program page.
Upon successful completion of Urban Studies major requirements, students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies degree. 
Need more information? The School of Social Ecology's Student Services staff offers a variety of forms of advising resources.  

Photo: Patricia DeVoe