Major Requirements

UCI and School of Social Ecology Requirements:
  • All campus GE, plus lower and upper division school requirements, including SE 195 (Field Study)
Urban Studies Major Requirements:
  • Lower division: PP&D 4, Economics 20A, Political Science 21A or 51A, and PP&D 40 or Sociology 43
  • Upper division: Eight upper division PP&D electives, including at least one three-course integrative string, comprising a designated integrative course (*) and two other electives all within the same designated cluster (see below)
Urban Studies Upper Division Clusters
  • Urban and Community Development Cluster: 101-Urbanization and Social Change*; 102-Urban Inequality; 105-California's Population; 106-Technology and Economic Development; 107-Urban and Regional Planning*; 108-Cities and Transportation; 109-Housing and Urban Development Policy; 110-Urban Economic Development Policy; 112-Foundations of Community Health; 100-Special Topics in Urban Studies; Econ 144A-B-Urban Economics I, II
  • Urban and Environmental Sustainability Cluster: 131-Environmental Sustainability I*; 132-Environmental Sustainability II; 133-Environmental Law; 134-Human Ecology*; 139-Water Resource Policy; 140-Ethics and International Relations; 100-Special Topics in Urban Studies
  • Urban and Environmental Design Cluster: 151-Environmental Psychology*; 152-Cultural Ecology and Environmental Design; 153-Elements of Environmental Design; 155-Urban Design Principles; 156-Urban Design and Graphics Studio; 100-Special Topics in Urban Studies
  • Urban Governance Cluster: 166-Urban Public Policy*; 167-Public Policy and Management; 169-Public Policy Analysis; 170-Health Policy; 171-Community Response to Terrorism; 172-Latino Metropolis; 100-Special Topics in Urban Studies
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