Sample Non-Departmental Electives

UPPP offers a wide range of courses that MURPs may choose to satisfy some elective requirements. In addition to these options, many classes offered outside of the department are relevant to urban and regional planning and may be approved for elective credit toward the MURP degree.

If you are considering taking an outside elective, contact the MURP Assistant Director, Jorge Padilla ( for details of the approval process. 

See below for some examples of non-departmental courses that are frequently offered on UCI’s campus and may be relevant to your desired course of study. Note that some of these courses may require permission from the course instructor to enroll.

  • CEE 225a: Transportation Planning Models I
  • CEE 223: Transportation Systems III: Planning & Forecasting
  • CEE 222: Transit Systems Planning
  • ECON 281A; Urban Economics I
  • ECON 282A: Transportation Economics I
  • ECON 289: Special Topics in Urban and Transportation Economics
  • ENGRCEE 273: Watershed Modeling
  • MGMT 246A: Introduction to Real Estate Process
  • MGMT 246D: The Real Estate Development Process
  • MGMT 287: Project Management.
  • PUBHLTH 200: Foundations of Public Health
  • PUBHLTH 283: Geographic Information Systems for Public Health
  • PUBHLTH 286: Advanced Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Epidemiology
  • SOCIOL 226A: Methods of Demographic Analysis (Same as PUBHLTH 209)
  • SOCIOL 239: Immigrant Integration
  • SOCIOL 262A: Population