MURP Admissions and Financial Aid FAQ

When do applications open?

October 1 (for enrollment in the Fall of the next academic year)

When is the deadline to submit my application?

Application Period (for Fall 2022 Enrollment) October 1, 2021  - January 15, 2022 for priority consideration.

Please note that admissions for Fall 2022 is now closed.

Do I need to submit GRE exam scores?

GREs are not required to apply to the MURP program. If you have a GRE score, you can submit it as supplemental material.

How are MURP applications screened?

Applicants are selected for admission using a holistic evaluation system, including:

  • undergraduate preparation (including overall GPA, GPA trajectory, and rigor of courses)
  • letters of recommendation
  • writing ability and planning interests, as demonstrated by required statements
  • professional history and samples of work/writing (not required for application, candidates may opt to submit)

No single factor outweighs the others; rather, the committee attempts to arrive at a balanced assessment of academic and professional promise.

UCI minimum standards for graduate admission require a college grade point average (GPA) = 3.0 (on a scale 0-4) or higher; exceptions may be granted for some MURP applicants with a GPA below the minimum standard who exhibit compensatory strengths in other areas, such as GPA in latter years of undergraduate enrollment, relevant work or extra-curricular activity, strong letters of reference or self-statements.

Can I schedule a campus visit or attend an information session?

Yes! Visit the School of Social Ecology's Graduate Students Services "Plan Your Visit" page. 

Can I begin the program during Winter or Spring quarters?

No, MURP students may only begin enrollment in Fall quarter. 

Can I keep my regular job while attending school?

The MURP graduate program requires full-time commitment, with many classes offered on weekdays during working hours. We have found that MURP students can typically balance their course load with up to 20 hours of work per week in planning or planning-related positions. The department recognizes the value of internships and professional experiences while in the program, and offers connections to employers that may provide flexible internships and part-time work opportunities, as well as future full-time planning employment.

What is the average GPA for admitted applicants?

Based on recent years, the average MURP GPA is about 3.3. Please note that there is significant variation from year to year, and applicants with lower grades but compensatory strengths have succeeded both in UCI's program and as professionals.

What are the annual tuition and fees for the program?

Master of Urban and Regional Planning Tuition and Fees for 2021-2022:

    In State: $ 24,525.96

    Out of State: $ 36,770.96

For detailed breakdown of MURP program tuition and fees for 2021-2022, visit the UCI Registrar's website. Please be aware that actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by increases or reductions in State funding or other developments. Tuition levels for the coming academic year are typically posted on the Registrar's site in the summer prior. 

Questions regarding tuition and fees? Contact Jorge Padilla (  

What are the prospects for financial support?

Resources for financial support vary in response to the size and composition of the applicant pool, legislative and campus appropriations, the state of the general economy, and other external factors. In general terms, MURP students should plan to be self-supporting (a common feature of professional Master’s degree programs), but may be eligible for some funding resources. All enrolled MURP students are eligible to compete for performance awards and grants that become available in a given year. Students may request reimbursement of some expenses incurred for individual professional development activities (such as travel to conferences, workshops, business cards). Teaching and research assistantships are occasionally available to MURP students, but planning-related practice internships are encouraged as a more useful alternative for career building. Students will have a variety of opportunities to network with potential employers who offer practice-based internships. 

View the UPPP Financial Aid page for more information about UPPP graduate student financial support processes, and a listing of external fellowships and scholarships available to planning students. 

UCI’s campus-wide Graduate Division also provides funding resources, timelines, and links: Funding your Graduate Education

How important is work experience?

MURP welcomes applicants with professional experience. Roughly one-third of each MURP class enters with experience in a planning-related profession; another smaller but significant proportion has other professional experience. However, an absence of professional experience will not detract from evaluations of applications.

Is housing available for graduate students at UCI?

Yes, UC Irvine has several graduate housing communities. For more information, visit the graduate section of the UCI Housing webpage.

What is the status of funding for newly admitted students without AB540 status?

For further information, please visit:

Still have questions? Contact us:

Jorge Padilla
MURP Assistant Director
Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy
Irice Castro
Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services
School of Social Ecology

If you have technical difficulties or receive an error message while trying to complete the online application, email or call 949-824-6363. 

For other questions about completing the application, contact UCI Grad Division admissions:

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